How to Get Call History of Any Number Call Detail Best App

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 How to Get Call History of Any Number Call Detail Best App

Call History Keep your a call history forever & list them category wise

Call History: Any Number Details keeps your call history forever and lists them category wise for ease of access. Quick and advanced search options help you easily access the data you are looking for.

Call History Any Number Details allows your to export calls to excel file. This app can back up your logs and restore them on the same phone or other. There is a useful statistics page to give you more information about the calls you are making/receiving.

Auto Backup this is another useful option to keep call history safe. Even if the app malfunctions and needs to be reinstalled, you will be able to restore all your history from the auto backup file.

Swap with fake call option allows you to swap a particular call with another number in the history.

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Please note that this app cannot recover call history that was deleted from the phone prior to installing this app. Once installed, this app will keep logs even if it is deleted from the phone.

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